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Providing college athletes mental support separate from the stigma, and a chance to tell their story the way they want it to be heard.


When it comes to college athletes we tend to overlook the fact that who these athletes are as a person and what they are going through off the field, plays an intricate role in how they perform on the field.

The goal of this website is to shift the narrative that surrounds college athletes and mental health. This shift in narrative begins with giving the power and influence back to you, the college athlete. Each of your stories is a step forward towards a new conversation around mental health and college athletes.

“Your story and who you are, goes beyond what you do in-between the white lines.”

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Derek Gold
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Smita Nalluri
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“When it comes to college athletes, there is a stigma that ties mental health to weakness.
They don’t want to be open about what’s going on, because they were told not to show weakness.”

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“The culture that surrounds college athletes is stoic.
It is one that does not allow athletes to express their stories and feelings for how they truly are.”

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Wantagh HS Girls LAX
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Wantagh HS Girls LAX

Molloy Women's LAXl
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Molloy Women's LAX

Ryan Sliwak
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Inside The Zone
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Inside The Zone
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